Here’s How You Can Get Free Spins In Coin Master


Here’s How You Can Get Free Spins In Coin Master In this lockdown, many individuals played various games to beat the boredom. Coin Master was one of them. It is an interactive game created by Moon Active. The goal of the game is to win coins to fabricate and upgrade your village.

The players get a primary village of their own in the start. The player can then purchase various items from the virtual shop to assemble their village. In request to purchase items, the player needs virtual coins. You can win coins in the game by either spinning or raiding other player's villages. You can also earn coins by playing the mini-games available in the game itself.

The more coins you have, the more you can upgrade your village. Many items like trees and tractors are available in the virtual shop. But the coins are not that easily available. The spinning coins feature allows you to spin the wheel for limited times 60 minutes.

The option for purchasing spins via real money is also available. A certain time of spins is available against determined cash money. But not many individuals want to go through their hard-earned money in a virtual game. At the same time, the items available in the virtual shop look enticing too.

There are many other ways via which you can get free spins for your village. Coin Master provides free spins for other activities too.

Here are Some Ways Through Which You Can Get Free Spins

Invite Your Facebook Friends to Play Coin Master

Coin Master provides an incentive for inviting your Facebook friends to play Coin Master. It provides an individual promotion code for each player. The player can then invite Facebook friends via that promotion code. On the off chance that any friend signs in to Coin Master using your promotion code, you can win spins.

It is an easy way to earn free spins. There is no limit to availing free spins via this method.

You Can Exchange and Gift Other Players Spins

There is an option in Coin Master using which you can send coins to players. You can exchange coins to other players as a gift. The players can send spins to you in return.

It is a great way to earn free spins in Coin Master. You can easily win some free spins through a low effort by this technique. There is no maximum limit through this method.

You and your friends can do this daily to begin a streak. With each day, the amount of exchange will increase. Through this way, both you and your friend can benefit from this.

Earn Spins Through Affiliate Links

Coin Master also provides links through which you can earn spins. Clicking on that will provide easy coins. These links are not officially provided by Coin Master. These links are separately provided by other websites.

As the game involves gambling tactics too, several websites provide cheat tactics too. Using those links, you can easily earn some free virtual coins for the game.

There are several links which also provide the option of spinning the wheel. Using the link, you can unlock the option of unlimited spinning. This will allow you to earn unlimited coins using the spinning wheel.

Watch Ad Videos Online

Coin Master provides one more way of earning free coins. It provides ad videos through which you can earn spins. You just need to watch those videos without skipping them.

After completing the whole video, the spins will automatically be added into your game account. The game imposes no limit on these videos. So, you can repeatedly watch the videos 4-5 times to win.

You can then use these coins to upgrade your own village. This technique may be a little time-consuming. But it is one of the most efficient ways to earn spins without any charges.

Raid Other People's Villages

Raiding villages means destroying some parts of their villages. This way you can hamper their development and earn coins too. Truly, you get some additional spins for the amount of damage you have done to other's village.

Pulverize as many villages as you can so that you get maximum spins for wheels. This provides a double benefit to you. You can guarantee you are in the lead and you can upgrade your village further.


Coin Master is one of the most popular games at the present time. Despite the fact that it uses some gambling mechanism, it actually is an interactive game. You can play it with friends and have a competition. Its mini-games also allow you to include various games. through the coins, you can get a real-time gameplay feeling.

Using these various methods of earning free spins, you could never go shy of coins. You can easily challenge your friends to match you.

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