how to connect usb tethering in prime os

 If you are facing problems like how to connect ethernet in prime os . 

Then you are in right place.

Primeos usb tethering fix

So if you are using laptop then you don't need to do much you just have to go to settings of wifi in prime os and it automatically detect the wifi signal using laptop wifi chipset but If you are using pc or computer which has a usb wifi then it hard to connect with usb wifi . So the simple solution is connect with s good data cable to a internet supplying devices like mobile. So but he doesn't pair with phone by usb teathering. Becouse the prime os is technically behave like s phone. Not like windows he have easier access to the ethernet so you have like what iam saying below.

Primeos is run on x86 architecture of android.

So it doesn't support the basic x64 connection plugins. to connect wifi in prime os is not apply on desktop so you have first go the installation page of teathering x86. The download provided below check it out letter.

Download here

2.after installing just get your phone's charging cable which you have to connect with primeos by ethernet.and plug with it to the desktop usb 3.0 doc recommend. 

3.then go to your phone settings and find connection and sharing option in the list and turn on usb teathering.

4.i know that primeos is not teathering with it .follow the main steps. the app in primeos teathering x86 and press the green button on it .coonect button.

6.then just unplug the phone and plug after 5 seconds and turn on the usb teathering. will see the teathering icon in bottom right corner in primeos home.

Conclusion: you are connected with ethernet by usb teathering to primeos.

  connect usb tethering in prime os and enjoy your games.

connect usb tethering in prime os and enjoy your android experience.

connect usb tethering in prime os and do experiment with android.


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