how to Download Any Paid Book for Free of Cost

Introduction : 

Hello readers, welcome to the "". In this article you are going to learn something special and that is about how you can download a paid book for free of cost but the book will be in pdf format.And the good thing is that you can do so in your android mobile also. Follow the below steps to download your desired book for free.

Things Required : 
1 : An Android Mobile or a PC
2 : A web browser ( eg ; Chrome, Opera, UC Browser etc )
3 : A Fast Internet Connection
Steps To Download The Book :
1 : First open your mobile's data connection and also open your favourite browser. 

2 : Now open GOOGLE ans search PDF DRIVE . A screenshot of that is given below.

3 : Now click on the first link which appears on the search result. The first link will look like the below screenshot.


4 : Now wait some seconds to open the website complete. The website loading time will depend on your internet speed. If your net speed is very good then it will load in seconds. A screenshot of the fully loaded website is given below.

5 : You can buy in to them for future update with respect to the transfer of books by giving your email ID. Presently you can tap on the quest box and quest for your necessary book. A screen capture is given beneath. 

6 : Now a few books will be appeared as the query item. You can pick the books and snap on that book to review and download it. A screen capture is given underneath. 

7 : Now click on the download catch to go to the download page. It will check the far off document wellbeing and affirm you for the download. A screen capture is given beneath. 
8 : Now you can download the book in pdf record by tapping on the "go to pdf" button.A screen capture of that is given underneath. 

9 : Thats all. Your book will be downloaded in hardly any time. A proof of that is given underneath. 

Proof Of Book : 

1 : From this site you can download paid books free of charge of cost. I will give you the confirmation by downloading a paid book. 

2 : For instance I need to download a book named "half girlfriend novel". 

3 : If I buy this book from then I need to pay Rs 250 for the book and Rs 50 as the conveyance charge. An aggregate of Rs 250. A screen capture is given underneath. 

4 : But in the event that I will download from the, at that point it will cost me Rs 00. A screen capture is given beneath as the verification. 

5 : The solitary disadvantage of this cycle is that on the off chance that you buy a book, at that point you will get the printed copy yet in the event that you will download for nothing, at that point you will get the softcopy of that book. 

6 : An awesome thing of this site is that you can see the book before download as a preview.


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