can termux apk do all things possible on kali linux

Hello,everyone who know bit information about cyber world and some interest in Ethical hackings becouse of the lust of the crack his she's GF,bf,Facebook password or any other accounts that contains a very hidden information message,texts about that person.

So he always find the way to searching online "how to hack my GF instagram ID by mobile" also tried to search on YouTube and then he know that there is one application available on play store which is legel and also one of the best tool for doing that things easily and also much better than owning a pc, computer system. So that is TERMUX.
                  So just think about termux,is he can do anything which is categorised in hacking. So the answe is yes if you have a rooted device a good processor in your android device which can run a pubg level games in HD midium graphics,so that tipical phones have let's assume a good processors and then next requirment but no least one which is a kernal installed in the device 
That is Linux kernal .and most of the devices have not this type of that is the biggest issue may be and it can solve with custom kernal installation via custom recovery apps and also if you install a kali linux ISO file in android then boom then you can do hacking fluently in android mobile phones like on another level.
           So let's talk about a simple android devices which is available on most of the readers hand a simple device with termux can do a typical no root need script execution for the most of the tools available on GitHub or also developed by you if you are good in a programming languages like c++,python ,ruby etc.
So that's my short review about it if you want to install termux on your device.
The link for installing termux is below

                TERMUX DOWNLOAD
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