How to trace someone's location in mobile using IP address in termux 2021

how you'll trace someone's location using his IP address in mobile. For this we'll use termux which may be a terminal emulator.

what's Termux :

From the web site of termux, it's a terminal emulator and also the tiny version of linux, which is compatible for smartphones.
With termux you'll run alittle linux environment on your android device.

Basic Needs :

1 - you want to have an android device which have android version 5.0 (lollipop) or above.
2 - Termux app (you can easily find this from play store by just typing termux )
3 - Hacker's keyboard (it is additionally available live store )
4 - and therefore the most crucial thing is patience and brain.
5 - Don't do spelling mistakes.

How to install :

1 - to put in termux in your android device, first activate your mobile data and attend play store. Then type termux and download it from there.
2 - after successfully installing termux update it and also upgrade it by typing below command

[ pkg update ]
[ pkg upgrade ]

3 - After upgrading termux, attend your storage (device/sdcard) and make an empty folder named Location.
4 - Now we'll use github to clone the Geolocation file. So we'd like git file installed in our termux app.
5 - to put in git package in your termux app , run the below command

[ pkg install git ]

6 - After successfully installing the git package now attend the directory of your storage and explore the file by running below command.

[ cd /sdcard ]
[ ls ]

7 - Now the entire files of your storage are going to be explorable. Then type below command to travel to the directory of empty file (Location) which you've got created.

[ cd Location ]

8 - Then type the below command to point out the all sub folder list present within the folder.

[ ls ]

9 - Now colne the Geolocation enter the situation folder using github link by typing the below command.

[ git clone ]

10 - After copying the git file now run the below command to explore all files of the copied github file.

[ ls ]

11 - Now run the below command to travel to the directory of IPGeoLocation.

[ cd IPGeoLocation ]

12 - Now run the below ommand to access the files of IPGeoLocation.

[ ls ]

13 - Now finally run the below command to trace your own Location by your IP address.

[ python -m ]

14 - to seek out others Location just type the below command and run.

[ python ipgeolocation -t IP of victim ]

15 - Finall you'll get the Lacation of your victim by pressing enter button after typing the code.

Precaution :

1 - During the entire process confirm that you simply are connected to the web .
2 - Stay calm and composed , in order that you'll solve all the issues you're facing in termux.

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