top 3 useful apps for every computer science student in india 2021

Hello every computer science faculty students specially that hardworking girls who reffers to learns from books which is good thing,every legendary thing or a information about a computer technology or a specially programmed tools are most refference with details only in books.
So on there is top 3 apps which should every programmer every cs student need for sparking his skills which is listed below.
    To download that apps the link is also given so let's talk about the first app which is below.

     1.Decoder-all in one tool for all programming languages

           Download link (Google Play store)
           Decoder app 

2.termux-the linux involvement tool for Android

          Download link (google play store)
             Termux app

3.pastebin-tool for copying texts to mobile to computer

           Download link (google play store)
           Pastebin app

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