how to root a MI note series devices

so hello guys,
as mentioned in the title we are discussing about that is how to root a MI note series devices and also is rooting an android phone which is made by mi or xiomi or redmi company is good or not.
so here i'm sharing my personal experience about rooting a xiomi phone which is" redmi note 5 pro".

 so when i decided to root my mi device then i faced many problems related to the unlocking OEM lock which i granted permission after two months after the resistation. thern i started the original process for rooting my device so first i backed up all my data in my pendrive and then started the windows app for unlocking the bootloader,then after unlocking it my all data is fully cleared 
then i installed app call kingoroot and then ijust followed this simple steps

1. Make sure you have Enabled USB Debugging on your Xiaomi device from the developer options.
2. Make Sure you have at least 65% of battery on your mobile device.
3. Don’t forget to take a complete back up of your device.
4. Now download and install the latest version of Kingoroot on your device From the official page of kingoroot.
5. Now download and install the latest version of Root Checker Android Application on your Device From Google PlayStore. This 6. App will help you to check whether your phone is rooted or not.
7. Make sure that you have Good Internet Connection on your device. If you don’t have a Good internet connection then this tutorial will not work on your Xiaomi Device.

but in some case this technique doesn't work so good so the next recommendation is
try to install TWRP recovery in your phone.
 the steps is below: 

What is Custom Recovery?

A custom recovery is a third-party recovery environment used to get the features that were limited while using stock recovery. It is an interface that helps the user to interact with the recovery environment. It carries some additional features to the stock Android recovery.

There is a wide variety of custom recoveries that are available for the Android system. However, TWRP, Philz, RedWolf, and OrangeFox are some prominent custom recoveries available for Android devices.

note that:

Make sure to backup all important data.Charge your device up to at least 50 %.
Download and Install ADB and Fastboot drivers on PC/MAC.
Download TWRP 3.3.1 from google and keep it into the extracted ADB and Fastboot Drivers folder.
Unlocked Bootloader is necessary for the TWRP installation.
Enable Developers Option by heading to the Settings > About Phone > Tap MIUI Version 7 times.
Enable USB Debugging Mode by heading to the Settings > Additional Settings > toggle USB Debugging option.

i hope you read other articles by me so you know what commands you have to put after goinfg in terminal.

and after installation just install magisk or any other root manager in flash recovery and boom!!!!!!
 your device is now rooted.

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