Who is stryker_memer on instagram?popular meme pages of instagram.

stryker memer is a meme page on instagram social media platform.This account based in india and for indian audience.This page was created in june 2020.where the page name was rege_stryker and with different content connected with gaming audience.Later it was changed with the sarcasmic humour page named @stryker_memer.

    this page is managed by the owner of www.infiniteworldz.com.

stryker memer have currently 1600 followers along with 1700 funny posts becouse very few people understand the stryker memes.This meme page use your highest limit of your brain,so please go and checkout this meme page 


this page is a manged by this website as mentioned and the owner is sahil patel.
                  some memes from stryker_memer

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