Free Fire OB28 How to Register, Login and Download the APK

Garena Free Fire, the popular battle royale game, has finally announced its new advanced server. The company has revealed that it will be hosting the Free Fire OB28 Advance Server in a couple of days. The Advance Server is specially designed to test out the new features that will be soon available in the main application.

Players can simply register on the official website of the Free Fire Advance server and get a chance to experience new features that will be coming out globally, all before the official launch date. But what is Free Fire OB28 Advance Server? How to Register? These questions will surely baffle many. So, to make things simpler, we have created this step-by-step guide that will help you through with the registration, download and more of the latest OB28 Advance Server.

Free Fire OB28 Advanced Server: How to register & Download APK?

What is Free Fire OB28 Advance Server?

Free Fire OB28 Advance Server is the new test server by game developers. Generally, before releasing a new patch, Garena releases an Advance Server. The server is designed to test and experiment with the new features before releasing them as a stable update. The developers ropes in some of the players who can test the features, report the bugs and give suggestions to make the features better and bug-free. Interestingly, the stable version is available to download from the Google Play Store, but the Advance Server has a separate application, which you can only download from the official website of Garena Free Fire. Now that you are aware of the OB28 Advance Server, you can easily register yourself to test out the new features.

How to Register and Download the Free Fire OB28 Advance Server APK from

free fire advance server

You can easily register yourself for the latest OB28 Advance Server and download it on your Android smartphone. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. First, go to the official Free Fire Advance Server website. Alternatively, you can click on
  2. You then need to tap on the ‘Login Facebook’ button to register yourself.
  3. The website will ask for some details including your Full name, email and mobile number. Fill out the details and tap on the ‘Join Now’ button.
  4. With this, you will be registered for the OB28 Advance Server.
  5. You can then download the APK file right from the website, when the server goes live on May 27th.
  6. Once the download is complete, simply install the APK file and you are good to go.

However, it is important to note that you need to have the activation code to access the server.

How to Get Activation Code for Free Fire OB28 Advance Server?

The Activation codes are given by the developers to select members of the community and to those who have registered for the Advance Server. The code is used by the player when they open the Advancer Server game for the first time. If you get selected by the developers, you will get the activation code on your registered email. You can simply enter the code once you downloaded the game by following the above-mentioned steps.

Free Fire OB28 Advance Server Registrations Start Date, End Date

The company has revealed that the new OB28 Advance Server will be available from May 27th. The server will be available for one week and this will allow players to test out the new features before it closes on June 03, 2021. During the testing period, the developers will reward players with diamonds, if they report bugs and glitches found in the Free Fire OB28 Advance Server.

Benefits of Playing on Free Fire Advance Server

The Free Fire Advance Servers bring a lot of new features, which are yet to be rolled out to the global version. Playing on Free Fire Advance Server will definitely help the players to get to know the new features before other players, thus giving them a tactical advantage. Furthermore, you can earn diamonds by simply reporting to the bugs and glitches in the game. Moreover, you can also get your hands on new weapons, skins, maps, and more by playing on Free Free Advance Server.

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